FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who can learn Yoga ?

Anyone who aims for a good, healthy , happy and mindful life. Yogic philosophies don't discriminate on the basis of caste, creed , gender or religion.

2. There are so many yoga studios and institutes online and offline.How is Nira Yoga different ?

Nira Yoga is not a Yoga studio but a complete Yogic management consultation module. Our aim are not just giving you practices, but help you experience the goodness of Yogic management. Just as you have business managers for your businesses, Nira is your Yogic manager! Making Yoga more easily embraceable!

3. I am not flexible, can I learn Yoga?

Yes! Yes! YES! At Nira we assist you with a basket full of practices prepare you physically , mentally and emotionally before you are introduced to the second limb of Yoga , the Asanas. We help you take your step easily, one day at a time!

4. I find Yoga slow and boring, I love dynamic activities like running , skipping. What has Nira in store for me?

Our every practice is a curated flow to work on your minor and major musculoskeletal requirements. Yoga works on the science of stress and relaxation of muscles. Thus, according to the target body part(s) for the day, the practices will feel intense or relaxed. Don't worry , we will stun your sweat too!

5. Yoga calls for lots of dedication and discipline. There are days I won't feel motivated to practice. How can Nira Yoga Help?

The practice of Yoga is comprehensive in itself to build the necessary dedication. Somedays just getting to the mat is feat, we empathise with that. This is the reason we have kept the practices from Mon-Fri and encourage our practitioners to attend at least 3 sessions a week.

6. I feel your classes are overpriced , why don't you have cheaper options?

We curate all our sessions, whether we mention it in the description or not. All the arrangements for the class , whether platform, literature or post class assistance, are provided to you with utmost detailing. Above all, our instructors and consultants are available for you 24x7. Holidays become more fun for us , when we assist you in your practice sessions :).

7. Why don't you hold offline classes?

Technology makes us facilitate practising Yoga from the comforts of your home. We believe that if the mind space is enhanced, the life space also can be enhanced. Our instructors are specially trained for providing adjustments and alignments in the practices in an online setting.